Belle La Vie offers DreamCatchers hair extensions brand, and many other re-usable types of hair extension lines in our Lakeland, FL location. DreamCatchers is a fabulous quality system, good hair, great tips, which makes it reusable up to 6months to a year. We offer a free consultation, and hair and scalp analysis. Our experts see what hair extension type is going to be ideal for you. We will match up your texture to your goals and budget, and we see what is going to be the best technique for you. Here at Belle La Vie, our hair extensions are for anyone (regardless of hair type or texture) whether you want to add length and/or volume. Hair Extensions are also great for creating or repairing a haircut, from chemicals, free highlights and/or lowlights, as well as cover scars or hair loss caused by Alopecia or other types of hair loss.


  • I-Tip: Small sections of hair are pulled through a small bead then locked and clamped shut with a special tool.
  • Wefts: 2-8 inch wide, applied to the hair in rows rather than individual strands.
  • Tape-In: Applied by using either double-sided polyurethane tape.

Fun Facts

As unbelievable as it may sound, the first hair extensions date back to 5000 BC and Ancient Egypt with the first documented proof of their usage being the hair weaves used by Egyptians in 3400 BC. This hairstyle was a symbol of status and wealth and both women and men wore wigs or sewn-on hair pieces. The wealthy men shaved their heads and used the hair to make ornamented wigs out of it. They used human hair – their and the hair of poorer Egyptians who sell it. The poorer men who wanted to be fashionable as well, used mainly dyed sheep wool for their wigs. Egyptian women added hair extensions and braids, which were usually of bright colors – gold, blue, red, etc. They used resin and bee wax to attach the extensions. Cleopatra also weaved her hair and her favorite color was peacock blue. The aristocrats in Ancient Egypt used the different knots, twists and braids as a symbol of their status, age, religion and wealth.